Molly (aka Molly Moo) It’s all thanks to Moll.  Our love of newfoundlands all stems from Molly, the most wonderful dog in the world.  Molly was Andy’s dog before Jeanette came along and just as Andy found Molly to be the most loyal and devoted companion a man could ever want Jeanette has since told him that she fell in love with Molly before she fell in love with him. Molly is now almost twelve and although she is far from being show quality she is the epitome of the rock solid temperament so characteristic of Newfies.  Such a calming influence on other dogs we’ve lost count of the number of dogs and pups she has trained by example. Jess (aka Baby Boo or Jessica when she is bad) And then there were two!  Jess came along in 2007 as Jeanette’s birthday present.  A big ball of fluff covered in poo, what more could a girl want! Jess is an excellent example of the newfoundland breed she has a excellent temperament, masses of shiny black coat, perfect white teeth, very low hip and elbow scores (6+4 and 0+0), heart tested and she is cystinuria “clear”.  She loves people and expects them all to love her back.  She adores other dogs and can’t understand why they don’t all want to play.  She lives for swimming and water and despite being totally devoted to Jeanette the real love of her life is our dog transportation a Landrover Defender.