HebersGhyll Is one of the three streams that drain the world famous Ilkley Moor.  It passes through our garden, much to the delight of our dogs - especially on a summer’s day.  Jess in particular loves to take a dip in the ghyll, she can’t walk past any water without jumping in and soaking herself through.  In fact if there is no water a muddy puddle will do just fine! We are lucky to live in an idyllic spot, we have a bridge over the ghyll that leads us straight into woodland and then on to many of Yorkshires best walks, right on our doorstep.  There are several “beaches” along the length of the River Wharf that are within walking distance of home and allow easy access for the dogs so they can enjoy a lovely swim. We don’t show our dogs but we do show them off.  They can often be found surrounded by hoards of people in Ilkley, all admiring our beautiful dogs.  We also like to swim the dogs almost daily. We adore Molly and Jess and consider ourselves blessed to have discovered the Newfoundland, so much so that we are now committed to promoting the health and temperament of this amazing breed for others to enjoy.