Newfies It is so easy to be carried away by the attraction of these magnificent dogs but do you realise how much they slobber, how big they can get, how expensive they can be to keep, how demanding of your time they can be and how much they slobber?  It’s well worth following the links below which express the good and bad of Newfoundland ownership much more eloquently than we ever could. Sandbears is the kennel name of Suzanne Blake whose dog “Riker” is the sire of Jess’ litter of puppies.  Suzanne is a very committed and experienced breeder and her advice page is essential reading for anyone considering a Newfoundland. The Newfoundland Club web site has masses of information and links to everything you would want to know. Terrific Pets which, although being a commercial web site, we think their description of the Newfoundland captures the essence of the breed to a tee.