Puppies On 2nd November 2009 Jess had her first scan at the Vets which confirmed that she was pregnant and right on time her puppies appeared on 29th November 2009.  Two girls followed by five boys, the first appeared at 16:00 and the last at 22:30. Since then Jess has been eating four good meals a day supplemented by all the usual treats of pigs ears and lumps of cheese.  She has become an eating machine but it’s the pups that are piling on the weight.  The sire of the pups is Riker (“Sandbears Init To Winit”), We fell in love with the big guy as soon as we saw him and he really is a big guy.  Riker is also cystinuria “clear” has low hip and elbow scores (3+5 and 0+0) and his Echo-Doppler heart test is “clear”. The information regarding Jess and the pups is updated almost daily by Jeanette on the blog. For further news, please see the Contact & News Page.